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Department Organization

Screenshot 2023-03-28 091101.png
Kate Self.png

Kate Self

Chief of Police

Mark Rosser.png

Mark Rosser

Administrative Captain

Fred Sherrill.png

Fred Sherrill

James Dagley.png

James Dagley


Donnie Hammons.png

Donnie Hammons

Stephen Garrett.png

Stephen Garrett

Jacob VanTrump.png

Jacob VanTrump

Fatima Pena.png

Fatima Peña

Ben Griffin.png

Ben Griffin

Jamie Wyatt.png

Jamie Wyatt

David Beaty.png

David Beaty

Joe Nash.png

Joe Nash

Zach Early.png

Zach Early

Stephanie Pencka.png

Stephanie Pencka

Support Staff

Screenshot 2023-03-30 141416.png

Sgt. Leon Woody

Community Patrol Officer

Tracie Burgess.png

Tracie Burgess

Administrative Assistant

Screenshot 2023-03-30 141547.png

Michelle Boyer

Administrative Clerk


Jerry Wells.png

Jerry Wells


Darby Lannom.png

Darby Lannom


Bob Henderson.png

Bob Henderson


Rick Jiminez.png

Rick Jiminez


Scott Marisch.png

Scott Marisch


Roger Pfanstiel.png

Roger Pfanstiel


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